Colours of Rock celebrates the enormous diversity of the German hard rock pioneers who have shaped the sound of generations and bands worldwide. 12 legendary albums with 180g LPs pressed on colored vinyl with soft touch laminate cover - the whole universe of the rock pioneers is now available in this high-quality special edition exclusively at the Art of the Album Store with shipping starting on 05/05/2023.

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      About Colours of Rock

      The Art of the Album Store - our new Scorpions Colours of Rock campaign is perfect for all fans of the legendary German rock band Scorpions, known around the world for hits like Wind of Change! We have a great selection of Scorpions Colours of Rock vinyl products including vinyl albums on 1LP or 2LP such as "Scorpions - Love at First Sting - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpins - Blackout - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions - Animal Magnetism - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions - Fly to the Rainbow - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions - Taken by Force - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions - Virgin Killer - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions - Lovedrive - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions . World Wide Live - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions - Humanity (Hour 1) - Coloured Vinyl", "Scorpions - Savage Amusement - Coloured Vinyl" and "Scorpions - In Trance - Coloured Vinyl", which are also available in merch bundles in our exclusive Colours of Rock bundles with merchandise